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Aquaculture Initiative secures EFF funding for Oyster Disease Project in Northern Ireland.  

The Aquaculture Initiative has won funding for an Oyster project looking into practical farming methods which can help production and growth despite the threat of the Herpes virus.  This project called Advance Through Disease Control (ATDC) is supported by the European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013 and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The herpes virus is causing considerable losses and changes to the oyster farming business through out the Island of Ireland and the rest of Europe.  The ATDC project is intended to help oyster farmers to identify the best way forward for sites to maintain growth and reduce mortality.

The first stage of the project on installing temperature data loggers and sourcing experimental  oyster seed has started and big efforts are being made by the oyster farmers and the Aquaculture Initiative to move the project forward.  

Overall the project is due to be completed in July 2013 and a final report will then be issued to all stakeholders, however during the project close contact with the oyster farmers is paramount and also a management group will be established to help to oversee project delivery.  

If you want to find out more contact Martin Flanigan (mobile 077 204 19 204), the Resource Development Officer at the Aquaculture Initiative’s Downpatrick office (028 44619 660)