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Consultative Forum

The EFF funded Advance Through Disease Control (ATDC) project held a meeting of its Project Progress Committee on 09.05.2012, this was organised by Martin Flanigan Of the Aquaculture Initiative.    

This was the second of this type of meeting held and both have proved to be very successful.  Overall there was good attendance and participation at the PPC meeting held in the meeting room at Down Business Centre.  

Michael Welsh of AFBI was present along with representatives from DARD (Judith Tener), Seafish (Lynn Gilmore), QUB (Dai Roberts) and BIM (Trish Daly & Mike Murphy).  Harold Henning was in place as the oyster producer representative.  After a tendering process AFBI have been awarded the contract to carry out the lab services aspect of the project and this was a key part of the meeting.  

Other developments with the ATDC project were that a report into the French Oyster industry’s’ response to the Herpes Virus has been carried out by Fabrice Richez and that it is expected that a final draft for distribution should be available soon.  

Overall, a general oyster sectoral discussion took place covering many of the current topics relevant to the ouster production sector.   

Oyster Project holds 2nd Project Progress Commitee Meeting

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